For 21 years Ginseng Nightlife has hosted events serving over 2 million club-goers and had the honor of witnessing Chicagoland’s Asian nightlife thrive from a point of virtual non-existence. In recent years, Ginseng headed up the only 3-night/week promotion ever solely catering Asian scene. From a time where such events didn’t exist, to now (as Chicago is hailed by industry peers as the nation’s Asian Nightlife haven), we’ve all come a longer way than anyone could have ever known.

Having been the first Asian promotion with major nightclub residencies, it didn’t take long to have the title of the city’s longest running Asian promotion. However we cannot express enough our gratitude to the countless generations that now afford us the record of the nation’s longest running promotion group…period.

With as many choices as the industry often provides, we thank the immeasurable number of enthusiasts now in the scene and the die-hard veterans that were there from the beginning. It is from you that we are here. We can only hope it is from us that come lasting memories of nearly 2 decades of celebrations. Salut!!