08/24//2012 - 08/25//2012 - 10:00 pm - 5:00 am

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GET THERE by 11pm n be comfortable b4 THE CRAZINESS SETS IN!

Everyone has those moments of party’s past that they claim to be golden. A time that this generation just doesn’t understand. A time where party had a meaning truer than what anyone understands today. While we hear many of the veterans talk of a time when our scene sprouted 3000 Asians at holiday events at Karma and concerts like Lollapolasia, others reminisce of the more recent decade with memories of Rendo Thursdays, Buzz Fridays, and Cellar T

hursdays.For the veterans, get your sitters for this Friday’s event from your old school of nightlife. For those not so seasoned, get your pencils, school is in session.For one night we bring back our faves from every generation of our last 20+ epic years of nightlife, and some matching prices to boot: $5 Henny til 12:30, $6 Kettle & $6 Makers, $150 btls all night. From day 1 to day 8001, this is Back2 (the ol) School…

20years of staff
30 years of old school
$5 Henny b4 12:30
$6 Makers ALL NIGHT
$6 Kettle ALL NIGHT
$150 bottles ALL NIGHT

Your bottle is on us for parties of 10+ before midnight

Your Staff (and the year they were 1st featured)

JayFunk (96)
Erge (89)
Markyboy (10)
Sabado (09)
Shadden (11)

Nuky (08)
Jenny Penny (12)

Apple (07)
Charlene (07)
Joann (07)
Catherine (08)

Hanna (05)
Jenn (08)
Mian (12)