Thursday December 22, 2011

◉ ◉ Peace, Love, & Music ◉ ◉ 

Ginseng’s Nightlife’s
20th Anniversary

at rednofive

Fashion show by AKIRA.

Plus $30 AKIRA Certificates to all attendees

◉ Aria Movement presents live performances by ◉ 
Charlene Alexander
Mike Musni
Vince Nantes

◉ In the booth ◉ 

◉ On the runway ◉ 
Jaclyn Dugenia
Missy Chen
Mala Him
Eso Ghim
Peter Jang
Jon Jovellanos
Justin Capadocia
Brian Gumby
Lupe Sanchez
jahzel cruz, 
Nadia Robles, 
Lulu Zhang, 
Alesia Truong, 
Lana Le
& more…

◉ On the makeup ◉ 
Stefanie Kim

◉ Behind the bar ◉ 

$5 Jameson shots

$100 Absolut bottles

◉ At your table ◉ 
for bottle reservations:http://ginseng.tv/bottlesor call/text 312-725-0555

◉ At your door ◉ 

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Free early. Discounted late.

◉ Swinging Sixties Fashion Show from AKIRA ◉ 
What has become an annual event, our only fashion show of the year brings the company that has been moving our fashions forward for almost a decade, AKIRA. With fashion accolades like “Best Boutique” to business spreads by Crains Chicago Business, rest assured the season’s best is coming from some of Chicago’s brightest. Check out first hand what is trending for the season and support our long-time supporters and friends from AKIRA. Plus grab some season savings with gift certificates that go out to all that attend.

◉ Model Show ◉ 
True to last year’s successful format, we chose some of our favorite people that would rock the runway like they’ve been doing it for years. This isn’t fashion week in NYC. It’s the party where we unite different generations from parties past and have everyone participate in a show by everyone…for everyone. Because sometimes you just want a real show with some real people. Some of the real faces include:  Jaclyn Dugenia, Missy Chen, Mala Him, Eso Ghim, Peter Jang, Jon Jovellanos, Justin Capadocia, Brian Gumby, Lupe Andchez, Jahzel Cruz, Nadia Robles, Lulu Zhang, Alesia Truong, Lana Le, & more…

◉ Aria Moving Us Again ◉ 
After a big black Wednesday with Aria Movement putting the pieces of a blockbuster live set, they are back to rock some psychedelic sounds of the 60’s.  What better way to support your Chi-town models than with some of your Chi-town music. Performing live are Aerias, Charlene Bermejo, Mike Musni, & Vince Nantes. When was the last time you went to a killer concert and got to drink with the band afterwards? There’s a first time for everything…

◉ Video Clash ◉ 
4 VDJs holding down the radio, club, bar, and Ginseng decks for decades will provide the audio and video feed for a night not soon forgotten. Our history with Erge dates back over 2 decades with many many events along the way. Wine isn’t the only thing that just gets better with age. JayFunk headlined our events in much of the 90’s, as his path to regional and national spots gained him cross country residencies he enjoys today. Chrismix managed our music in much of the most recent decade, before making his mark with residencies in NYC. Finally, recent years has brought Illusive in the mix with some new funk to an already diverse blend of flavor. Get there early, as we don’t get a taste of all 4 flavors in one night very often.

◉ redno ◉ 
There’s a very short list of venues over 10 years old. There’s an even shorter list of 10 year old venues at which we had long-term residencies. Over 10 years of events which included colossal holiday events doubling their capacity, and weekly residencies which set the standard for what would become the first of a four night a week run (when everyone actually went out 4 nights a week), rednofive is one of 3 venues still open that have been host to several hundreds of Ginseng events. With the volatility of the industry you never know which one will truly be the last at a given venue. However we are sure we are not alone in appreciating all the people from parties past that helped make this one so special. 

◉ 20 Years ◉ 
Two decades, thousands of events, and millions through the door leads to one big night. This year’s Anniversary event brings together generations from every era, including a staff that covers every year we have been around. If we had to some up the whole year into one event, it would inevitably be the Anniversary party. 

It’s a night that we make sure everyone comes together. It is the one time for the old-timers to come out (after finding a sitter) and meet the regulars of today (who all too often result in being their nieces and nephews). But regardless, for one night, it’s just gravy. It is the one night of the year to be what you may not have time be all year. It is the night of the month to do it big when you only have one night to do it. It is the day of the week your weekend begins when you need it to begin yesterday. It is the Anniversary party. Ginseng: 20 years.

** capacity note **

As is often the case, we must stress the importance of early arrival. EVERYONE WILL NOT GET IN. Once capacity is reached, door flow will be limited to “one in, one out.” Trust us that you will not want to be in line when this happens. 

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Free early. Discounted late.

440 N Halsted