██████► let the basement begin…


██████► Basement Phunk



Hanna, Leo


Jenny Dug


An all new club.

It’s not often a new venue brings so much hype in creating some order
to the anti-scene of Chicago nightlife. Gone are the over-priced,
under-served venues where sequins t-shirts replace style and
power-hungry doormen make up for lost high-school years. This is
neither the venue where to find your favorite reality show
fist-pumper, nor the one where would-be pumpers would ever choose to
infest. This is Teaze. Welcome to the anti-club.


An all new basement.

With the feel of a epic Friday night of old, Basement Phunk is an
updated take on 2 big Fridays of parties past. The first is UniPhunk
Phridays (@Buzz), which spanned 5 years and whose focus was to combine
5 layers of weekly funk in a no-nonsense party atmosphere. The second
is Basement Funk (@Dragon Room), which pioneered raw underground
hip-hop nights in a decade where hip-hop in clubs was virtually
non-existent. Enter a whole new decade where we come full circle.
Enter the basement. 2011.


True Chi-town veteran, Trilogy came up in the hey days of Hip House,
mixing with the greats, as he honed the diverse sound he drops today.
Kicking it 6 nights a week all over the city, with experience comes
payback. Check this Violator All-Star DJ, as he makes a cameo
performance in the basement of phunk at Teaze.

A venerable name for well over a decade in Chi’s hip-hop scene, Boy
Wonder has made a name not only by the beats he drops but events he
hosts. With a staple Wednesday night connecting crowds for years, the
Boy’s reach carries as far as the masses he moves. Join him as he
revisits a nostalgic Friday night stomping ground at 710 N Clark.

A most versatile force on steel wheels of sound, Dj Erge brings every
genre, and brings it hard. From pioneering video remixes of classic
house anthems, to breaking new ground with visuals for tracks that are
too new to know about, Erge has an uncanny way of giving you want you
want before you know you want it.



Let’s make things clear…this is not the club half your guests get
held up at the door only to be charge for not coming in before 11.
Your guests get in free (just say the password below). Celebrants get
a bottle of bubbly on us and we got half your first bottle to boot!
Need more info/RSVP: DeafZoo@gmail.com


$150 Ultimat Vodka
$300 Patron + Ultimat Vodka Package

$35 Premium Hosted Bar til 1am
Includes beer, call, and well liquors..plus 2for1 shots!


Password = ZOO – Free All Night!!
Password = ZOO – Free All Night!!
Password = ZOO – Free All Night!!


710 N Clark